Professionally: Try to stay away from the spotlight and lose yourself in search of a quiet place in which to review yourself, and lay clear foundations for your goals that you intend to achieve.

Emotionally: you are comfortable with the progress of things and the ease of dealing with the partner, you are fully motivated to restore stability and safety to your emotional surroundings.

Health : Beware of over-reliance on your strength and energy, and I advise you to know your endurance and do not exceed it.


Professionally: you find a previous project that sees the light or gives its initial results, it has a positive energy that offers you the opportunity to plan and test what is best for you and your interests.

Emotionally: Pay attention to what you say, every word you say is responsible for it, express yourself without hesitation, but if you make a mistake, I advise you to slow down and make concessions.

Health: Health conditions are demanding and it is necessary to take care of any weaknesses if you suffer from them so that things do not worsen in the future.


Professionally: Your strong presence is very important in the coming period, but caution is sometimes necessary.

Emotionally: You restore your good relationship with your partner after the last misunderstanding is gone, but do not hold him responsible for the mistakes you made, and you bear the bulk of them.

Health: Do not let the concern for your health slip from your hands, as it is the most important thing to be able to achieve your steps steadily.


Professionally: You are under unnatural pressure at work, but you are able to manage things with extreme accuracy that attracts attention.

Emotionally: Jealousy threatens the relationship with the partner, and the reason is some suspicious doubt about your behavior towards him.

Health : Healthy food is very important, but this requires permanent and non-phased follow-up.


Professionally: Your actionable suggestions are unanimously accepted by employers, but the lesson is in the implementation with effort and professionalism.

Emotionally: You have several options to strengthen the relationship with the partner, and this is reflected positively on you, followed by joy for good news or a result.

Health: Doing some manual work from time to time helps to relieve stress.


Professionally: This day brings you many emotional and professional opportunities, which makes you exchange interesting discussions, attracts you to a noisy movement that appeals to you, and exceptional meetings that revive your life.

Emotionally : No matter how much the partner pressures you to push you to make mistakes towards him, you have to persevere while waiting for the picture to be clarified more.

Health: You need rest, fresh air, and loneliness, which motivates you to breathe elsewhere.


Professionally: The astronomical effects of the full moon from your Libra sign will flood you with radiance, love, and openness to some new circles and special news, and your projects may achieve the desired goal.

Emotionally: An atmosphere of joy and happiness accompanies you, it is a suitable day to strengthen emotional ties and you like social and intimate sessions.

Health : I warn you of challenges, psychological pressures, and anxiety that you do not understand the causes of, so you feel frustrated.


Professionally: You should focus on the main things and do not get caught up in secondary matters, because they will not help you with anything.

Emotionally: You are exposed to difficult situations and you desperately need the partner to stand by you to overcome them with the least possible damage.

Health: Your delicate health condition requires you to pay attention to the need to adhere to the instructions of the specialist doctor.


Professionally: If you find yourself stressed, you should look for reasons, and it is better not to do the required work, as it is your duty.

Emotionally: No matter how much you try to postpone the confrontation with the partner, things may worsen and become more complicated, and then the restoration of the relationship becomes impossible.

Health: Decisive decisions are sometimes required at the health level, especially if the situation deteriorates.


Professionally: highlighting your expertise and competencies opens up many areas for you, and you may find wholesale offers to improve your situation.

Emotionally: The support required from the partner is available, but you have to be more realistic and rely on yourself in the first place.

Health : You feel a little bored today and try to do some activities to keep the cramps away from you.


Professionally: Your efforts are focused on difficult tasks and tasks to be completed to the fullest, so it is necessary to mobilize all your energies, talents and abilities.

Emotionally: I bring you good news and important breakthroughs that affect the emotional situation in the first place, and your social life is witnessing great progress and satisfaction.

Health: Your health status is enhanced by the recreational activity that you do with those around you, and you receive an offer or travel suddenly to rest from your practical problems.


Professionally: You make the right choices and get amounts you didn’t expect. You have the right to be happy and sow joy in your surroundings.

Emotionally: Pay attention to your partner’s treatment, as he bears a lot from you and is silent, but this matter will not last long and will explode in your face.

Health: Take advantage of the weekend and go with the family to the sea and practice swimming or any other recreational activity.

By sarah

Sarah Othman, biochemistry student, holds a master's degree 1 from the Lebanese University. Seeking to obtain a second degree in the field of informatics. She works in the media field at Rahal Global News. Interested in cultural, artistic and news matters. A teacher in a school, and a private teacher . Holding laboratory experience in a government hospital and in private laboratories.