When talking about the issue of wheat, Al-Gomhouria learned that Prime Minister Najib Mikati touched on some abuses, considering that the crisis was exaggerated and that the quantities in the market were large. He revealed that wheat is subjected to the largest monopoly and illegal behavior, calling on the concerned ministers to be strict in this matter, and to monitor the distribution of bread, especially since the imported quantity is greater than Lebanon’s need, and it did not happen if we imported such quantities in the past. Mikati was surprised that in light of the presence of 12 mills and 230 bakeries in Lebanon, the prices were raised, so the manqoush became at 25,000 pounds without any justification and the use of subsidized flour, stressing that it is not permissible to continue this chaos, and revealed that he will call for a special session soon to discuss the file Wheat and flour and the reality of bakeries .

By sarah

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