Rashaya Governmental Hospital recorded a new medical achievement in eye surgery, signed by ophthalmologist Suleiman Abou Latif, a graduate of the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Medicine in 2003 and holder of the “Fellowship of the British Royal College of Eye Surgeons”, which is the highest title in the ophthalmology profession in the world and the degree of “Fellow in Retinal Surgery”. From Moorfields eye hospital in London, the world’s largest and most advanced specialty eye hospital. Dr. Abu Latif made a decision to perform a lifelong implantation of special lenses designed for the patient’s eye. Ghuwa Jihad Al-Qadi, the daughter of the town of Ain Atta, suffers from great myopia, minus 12 degrees, especially since the laser is not sufficient for treatment. He revealed that “the lenses are very modern and were specifically designed for the patient’s eyes after taking accurate measurements of the eye from the outside and from the inside.” He pointed out that “the lens was designed in Britain and he brought it with him as a doctor specializing in eye surgery.” Abu Latif explained that “the lens is expensive, but it is implanted once and remains in the eye for life, or until the need to remove the glaucoma at an advanced age, or in the event of corneal problems caused by the lens.” He said: “The eye is monitored every six months during the year in the first stage, and then every year once.” Regarding the circumstances of the operation, he indicated that it “needs an operating room equipped for eye surgery and a modern microscope.” He said: “The operating room in Rashaya Governmental Hospital has a modern microscope. The decision was to perform the operation with the approval of the hospital, which provides the initial supplies and the operating room, and I was able to secure medical supplies from Britain.” Abu Latif announced that “the operation was a resounding success,” and he implanted two lenses in the patient’s eyes with one operation using a local anesthetic. He reassured that, “After a review of the patient took place two days later, the eye was comfortable, and the patient said that she sees much better than normal lenses.” It is mentioned that it is the first operation of its kind in Rashaya Governmental Hospital, which despite its weak capabilities, did its best and the operation was performed with great success. Work is underway on the possibility of developing the operating room to perform similar operations and blue water operations in the future. The head of the Operations Department at Rashaya Governmental Hospital, Hayel Al-Qadi, explained that “the operation is exceptional in nature, and it is being conducted for the first time in a government hospital, despite the successive crises sweeping hospitals and the medical sector,” calling for “supporting government hospitals and enhancing their capabilities because they are a safe haven for unaffordable and poor families.” He said, “Without this hospital, the operation would not have been done easily. Thus, the cost would have been reduced.” He considered that “the operation was successful, which confirms that government hospitals can compete and even excel in the medical field if their capabilities and confidence in them are strengthened.” For her part, Al-Qadi expressed her deep thanks to Dr. Abu Latif for his “great interest and follow-up on the process that brought about a major change” in the course of her life and provided her with “new hope”, especially as she works in the media field and needs such a process that facilitates her tasks. She also expressed her thanks to the Rashaya Governmental Hospital and its administration, which “always prevails over human sensitivity over any other consideration.” She stressed that “the operation succeeded with distinction and she returned to her normal life,” calling for “not to lose hope and faith in the message of human medicine and in the presence of distinguished Lebanese statures similar to Dr. Suleiman Abu Latif, who instilled hope and light with modern lenses.”

By sarah

Sarah Othman, biochemistry student, holds a master's degree 1 from the Lebanese University. Seeking to obtain a second degree in the field of informatics. She works in the media field at Rahal Global News. Interested in cultural, artistic and news matters. A teacher in a school, and a private teacher . Holding laboratory experience in a government hospital and in private laboratories.