The Litani River Authority announced in a statement, “The Environmental Prosecutor in the Bekaa, Judge Iyad Al-Bardan, issued a signal to arrest Hussein Al-Tamr, Ammar Al-Tamr, and the so-called Abu Khalil Al-Kurdi of Syrian nationality, and instructed the investigation to expand based on the complaint of the Litani River National Authority, after a result was issued. Fish analysis in the laboratories of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Tripoli, and it was proven that they fished with toxic substances (lanite) from Lake Qaraoun and sold them. The technical teams in the authority, in cooperation with the guard point of the embassies security apparatus and Qaraoun police station, were able to seize the means used in fishing, motorcycles and a fishing boat, in addition to a quantity of dead fish. The seized items were deposited at the Qaraoun police station, where a forensic investigation was opened, in preparation for the arrest of those involved.

By sarah

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