▪️ I was outside the country when the ship came to Lebanon to participate in the meeting of the International Maritime Organization, and I was divided on its topic in the third month of the year 2014, when a newspaper talked about the topic of the ship’s crew

▪️ I contacted Muhammad al-Mawla to inquire about the ship, and al-Mawla assured me that it carried ammonium nitrate, which is used as agricultural fertilizer and can be used in explosives.

▪️ I asked AL Mawla why he did not “travel” the ship again, so he assured me that it was carrying two reservations by the Beirut Execution Department. The detection device went down to the ship on the second of April and conducted a detailed report on the ship and its cargo, and stated that the materials “high density ammonium nitrate” were classified as dangerous materials.

▪️ Maritime agents do not mention the type of merchandise in the event a “transit” is submitted, but only mention those that are unloaded, and the first thing to do is to mention the type of this merchandise. The shipping agent did not mention the type of merchandise, but merely mentioned the “containers and tractors” for shipment to Aqaba.

▪️ We were surprised by the decision of the Urgent Matters Judge, who was sent to us through the Ministry of Works with a referral from the Cases Authority, in which the expression “to enforce its content” was written and therefore we had no choice but to implement it.

▪️ We consider all decisions issued in the name of the Lebanese people to be implemented. The ship was considered abandoned and its owners did not ask about it, and if the Beirut Execution Department responded to the Cases Authority and offered the ship for sale in a public auction, the owners of the ship would have come to it if they were really interested in it. The judge considered that the goods are under the custody of our administration. “Why do we have guards from their foundations?”

▪️ We do not have any authority over the land areas in the harbor and our authority ends at the last water point along the pier

▪️ The customs clerk appointed Muhammad al-Mawla as a judicial guard, but the latter reserved and asserted that he has no authority over the port and guarding is the responsibility of the port security and customs administration.

▪️ The judge did not issue any decision either obligating the master to guard the ward or appointing a guard in his place. The decision to deport the ship’s crew was taken even before the implementation of the decision to float and unload the ship, and we considered this a preliminary procedure for displaying the ship in the public auction. The Joint Administrative Directorate of the Ministry of Works was the link between the minister and the departments, and he was communicated through it. We asked the Industrial Research Institute to conduct an analysis of the goods, in the event that we were asked for any information about it, we would be ready to provide it, but the Institute did not carry out these analyzes. There was no communication between us and the Lebanese army

▪️ Was it not the first time that Spectrum and its agent sent the goods from Batroun to the port of Tripoli in preparation for sending them to Aqaba?

▪️ Beirut Execution Department prevented the ship from traveling and booked it. The ship detection device entered the ship and found problems with it, such as cracks in its body, emptying water from its bow, in addition to cracks in the ballistic water tank, marine navigation devices that do not work, and other electrical and mechanical problems. The ship’s captain was the one who stopped the process of loading the equipment onto the ship, “and the first tractor was loaded at the foot of the ship.” The ship detection device knew that the ship was carrying dangerous materials, and it was surprising that two reservations were made on the ship within 5 days.

▪️ Miraculous.” Baroudi Law Firm is the one who claimed the ship, and at the same time he is the representative of the ship’s crew

By sarah

Sarah Othman, biochemistry student, holds a master's degree 1 from the Lebanese University. Seeking to obtain a second degree in the field of informatics. She works in the media field at Rahal Global News. Interested in cultural, artistic and news matters. A teacher in a school, and a private teacher . Holding laboratory experience in a government hospital and in private laboratories.