In a statement, the “Al takadoumi Socialist Party” considered that “the practices that occur in the use of some judiciary with political discretion have crossed all limits and are threatening dire consequences.”
He was “very surprised” how a national issue, such as the investigation into the explosion of the port, is frozen without any movement towards the truth, while other files move “with the magic of an advisor” sometimes to political and perhaps electoral harm, as is the case in the allegation against the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, and sometimes the right of media and freedom of opinion and expression Under populist labels that hide behind people’s rights.”
He also renewed his “rejection of these practices, warning the ruling forces of the danger of all this to the entity of the state, the independence of its institutions, and what remains of an independent judiciary.”

By sarah

Sarah Othman, biochemistry student, holds a master's degree 1 from the Lebanese University. Seeking to obtain a second degree in the field of informatics. She works in the media field at Rahal Global News. Interested in cultural, artistic and news matters. A teacher in a school, and a private teacher . Holding laboratory experience in a government hospital and in private laboratories.