Today, the Head of the Execution Department in Beirut, Judge Mariana Anani, issued a decision ordering the transfer of the execution officer to the Fransabank branch in Hamra and “unsealing the seals on the seized safe, in the presence of the director or whoever he delegates for this purpose, and an inventory of its contents and if it includes cash, the seizure of an amount equal to the value of The debt is the subject of executive detention, “in the lawsuit of United Alliance lawyers No. 1103/2022, on behalf of the plaintiff, Ayyad Gharbawi Ibrahim of the Depositors’ Scream Association.” During the start of the implementation process, a memorandum was received to include the file with the Court of Appeal in Beirut, following the bank’s appeal against the decision of the single financial judge, Rola Abdullah, who decided to reject the request of Fransabank. It was stated in the memorandum issued by the first president of the Court of Appeal in Beirut, Judge Habib Rizkallah, who requested that the executive transaction be included in the appeal file for review, and that the appellant was informed, Ayad Gharbawi, through his agent, that the appeal was summoned to express his observations within a period of five days, while it is established that The Court of Appeal cannot carry out any executive procedures, which makes the appellant bank in an unenviable situation because of Judge Anani’s decision today to break the seals to meet the value of the debt.

By sarah

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