International Monetary Fund spokesman Jerry Rice said today, Thursday, that the Fund continues to work with the Lebanese authorities on economic reforms in the country where the financial collapse in 2019 led to the collapse of the currency and plunged most of the population into poverty, noting that the Fund is scheduled to send another mission. From the experts out there this month.

“We remain in close contact (with the Lebanese authorities). We are trying to work with them to formulate a reform program that can address the severe financial and economic challenges that Lebanon is facing,” Rice added.

He continued, “I would like to say that the discussions are progressing well, but intensive work is needed in the coming period. Lebanon’s challenges are deep and complex and will require time and commitment,” without elaborating.

Sources familiar with the February talks told Reuters earlier that the reforms would include lifting or amending the country’s strict banking secrecy regulations, which were credited with boosting the Lebanese economy in the past but are now seen as a way to evade taxes and hide gains. illegally obtained.

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