Minister of Industry, George Boushekian announced that the ministry’s decision “not to allow the export of foodstuffs manufactured in Lebanon until after obtaining an export license issued by the Ministry of Industry” comes within the framework of a long-term vision to maintain a required limit of the strategic food stock under the roof of the food security policy that must be adhered to. And not to neglect its components and the basic and necessary needs of the people. He stressed that the global crisis may be prolonged and no one can predict the date of its end or the damage and repercussions it will have on countries and societies. He said, “Therefore, our decision is a protectionist, deterrent and preventative policy that prevents shortages, monopoly or exploitation, and has nothing to do with freedom of trade or limiting exports, which we still encourage and support to the utmost for non-food commodities and products, until things clear up and return to normal and allow again the export of all In this context, Minister Boushekian informed the Higher Council of Customs of the decision of the Ministry of Industry in this regard in a correspondence in which he stated: “The Ministry of Industry is in the process of taking exceptional measures to protect food security to secure the necessary stocks for the Lebanese people in light of the global crisis that made some countries prevent the export of goods.” Some of its products are exported to other countries, especially Lebanon, which will inevitably lead to an increase in demand in view of the shortage of offered goods and consequently the possibility of dangerous price inflation for its people.”

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