Johnny Mounir to “Al-Jadeed”: Two unmatched names as candidates for the presidency of the republic I heard from a source I trust that Gebran Bassil is working on the format of the lawsuit that is the subject of US sanctions so that the files remain confidential and not become public. The attack that the army was subjected to is very unfair and unjust because it did not retreat from the 29th line and presented its study confirming the right of Lebanon to this line, and this matter angered the Americans In principle, the general atmosphere shows that the nuclear agreement will be completed within days, or else we will go to a catastrophe The nuclear agreement will indirectly reflect positively on Lebanon, and this is what we have noticed through the issue of demarcation of the maritime borders and the French company that will invest in the port of Beirut. There will be no third republic, and Hezbollah realizes that the chances of the founding conference are now zero The US sanctions will not stop, and some of them are still under study, and they will be used with political investment, and it is likely that they will be after the parliamentary elections After the nuclear agreement, we will move towards direct or indirect communication between America and Hezbollah The party will nominate only Suleiman Franjieh to the presidency, but in the event of a major settlement, the West will propose the name of Joseph Aoun, and the party will negotiate and accept it. The army was able to remain cohesive despite the difficult conditions it went through, and to establish the state we must rely on this institution There is cooperation between the leadership of the Lebanese army and the United States, but all of them are announced and no secret agreement has taken place, pointing out that the army commander is under attack from several parties for political reasons.

Source : Al – jadeed

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