The Appeal Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, confirmed today, Wednesday, in a statement that “the events that occurred yesterday were a result of preventing the implementation of a summons issued by a judge and the collusion of the security services to deny this to a matter that bleeds hearts and drives them to despair by the establishment of the rule of law in this country.” The statement added, “Knowing that these facts, and no matter how much they try to distort and mislead, are proven by the official records and photos, which prove beyond any doubt, that the colonel who is in charge of the implementation has threatened that if he tries to enter to bring Mr. Salama, there will be confrontation and blood.” Judge Aoun noted, “This scenario has been repeated to me for the second time with Major General Othman.” And she continued, “In the end, as a judge, I have the right to demand that the rule of law be elevated above any authority, and to prevent and punish any employee who begs himself to encroach on this authority. Aoun said: “I have full confidence that you will not accept that judicial decisions are trampled in this way, and that the judge in charge of implementing the law becomes at the mercy of this or that security apparatus, and who decides, upon request, whether or not to implement the signals of the judiciary.”

By sarah

Sarah Othman, biochemistry student, holds a master's degree 1 from the Lebanese University. Seeking to obtain a second degree in the field of informatics. She works in the media field at Rahal Global News. Interested in cultural, artistic and news matters. A teacher in a school, and a private teacher . Holding laboratory experience in a government hospital and in private laboratories.