Minister of work and Transport Hamiya asked the French state for a donation of 1,000 buses, and this was approved by the French authorities. According to Hamiyah, “the number of buses has not been determined,” explaining that “the donation, whatever its size, will be divided into batches, in order to evaluate the work and how to manage it, given previous, discouraging experiences with the Lebanese government.” Hamiyah explained through “Al-Akhbar” that “the Joint Transport Authority has a number of drivers, and we are waiting to know the number of buses that will be delivered to determine the additional number that is supposed to be secured,” stressing that “the selection will take into account the geographical distribution of buses, so that drivers from those areas are selected according to criteria Strict, taking into account experience, ensuring accountability and not wasting public money. He revealed efforts he is making with a “Chinese company to secure a monitoring system for buses that helps determine their locations and workflow, and of course improve service by addressing gaps and problems that may arise.” As for the geographical distribution, according to Hamiyah, it will be divided on the basis of three regions “covering the main lines of transportation in Lebanon. In addition to Greater Beirut and its vicinity, there is a line from Beirut to Naqoura, a line from Beirut to Ubudiya, and another from Beirut through Zahle and Dahr al-Baydar to Hermel. As the number of buses increases, we will add additional areas in the plan.” As for the traffic cycles, “the matter is related to the number of buses as well, and the greater their number, the longer they run.”

Source : Al akhbar

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