Revenues are almost equal to expenditures with an amount of 7000 billion for budget reserves. The general tendency is to pay attention to social and living aspects and to facilitate the conditions of citizens and their health and welfare affairs. After approving the budget in the Council of Ministers, specialized sessions will be held to study specific sectors, the most important of which are electricity, communications and waste, provided that the economic recovery plan has been completed to be presented to the Council of Ministers, and after its approval, it will be presented for a wide discussion by the various concerned authorities. Mikati: The customs dollar will be applied when the budget is approved in the House of Representatives . Mikati: We are afraid of an increase in smuggling, and we have a plan in this regard, and the customs dollar will not increase the prices of goods by a large percentage.The recovery plan is not easy and everything that has been published about it so far is incorrect as we are looking at a large number of options. He added : We are no longer able to provide services such as electricity and telephone for free.

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