Actor Georges Chalhoub was elected to succeed Captain Jihad al-Atrash and head of the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon, in a meeting held on February 3 to elect members of the bureau, distribute tasks and head the syndicate. Jihad al-Atrash, George Shalhoub, Tony Kiwan, Shadia Zeitoun Dogan, Shukri Anis Fakhoury, Muhammad Ibrahim, Fadi Sobhi Saad, Abdo Munther, Antoine Al-Haddad and Farouk Ramadan attended. The result was as follows: George Shalhoub as Chairman, Shadia Zeytoun Dogan as Vice President, Fadi Saad as Secretary, Abdo Munther as Treasurer, Tony Kiwan as Secretary of Information, Muhammad Ibrahim as Secretary of Culture, and Antoine Al-Haddad as Secretary of Public Relations, while Shukri Anis Fakhoury and Jihad al-Atrash are advisor and Lebanon Khalil and Subhi Tawfiq and Farouk Ramadan are members.

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