The head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, announced the re-nomination of MP Shawki Daccache for one of the Kesrouan Maronite seats, stressing that the parliamentary elections constitute a real opportunity to replace the current majority. Or is there a fateful election par excellence, and the ingredients for getting out of the current reality are still available, as the upcoming parliamentary elections constitute an opportunity to replace the current majority that did not preserve the state and did not take into account the interests of the Lebanese citizen, bringing him to the highest levels of backwardness, poverty, poverty, and dishonor After he managed in the fifties and sixties of the last century to turn Lebanon into the Switzerland of the East.
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The zoom application, during a retreat organized by the Kesrouan Coordinator in the party in cooperation with the election body and with the participation of MP Daccache, “the forces of the broadest political awareness campaign for people so that they do not remain in Hell by mistake,” and stressed that those who vote for the “Free Patriotic Movement” and “Hezbollah” “I mean, like someone who extends his pain with his hand without a favor from anyone,” surprising the movement’s slogan in preserving the rights of Christians after they had been impoverished and displacing them, while the first thing was to preserve them so that we could preserve their rights, not by benefiting them, securing gains for them, and employing them in places where they should not be employed. In which”.
Geagea stressed, “Change will only happen through all its components, and he addressed the aggrieved audience of the resistance,” asking: “Is the result of the resistance that we beg for our livelihood and that some citizens search for a living among the piles of waste?” pointing to “slogans A big woman is called to deceive the public of the resistance in order to go on his back to projects that have nothing to do with Lebanon, the Lebanese, their interests, or the resistance public.” Able to pull us out of the hell we are in and who can get us out of this well into which they threw us, Geagea also warned against attempts to search for any pretext to escape the elections, stressing that the “Lebanese forces” will stand in the way of any attempt to blow up the elections, because the door The only salvation available to the Lebanese people in the foreseeable future is the parliamentary elections

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