This is what he revealed MP Nazih Najm confirmed that “the Future Bloc will not resign from Parliament,” noting that “President Saad Hariri’s step comes in the context of pushing for solutions to crises.” In an interview with “Voice of All Lebanon”, he stressed that “no one can lead the Sunnis instead of Prime Minister Hariri, because this sect is loyal to the blood of his martyred father,” revealing that “Hariri will not nominate anyone, and in the absence of any candidate for him, the sect will not vote for anyone.” “If the President of the Republic considers Prime Minister Hariri the strongest in the Sunni arena, why did he not cooperate with him to form the government and lead him to apologize?” He believed that “Lebanon must agree to the Kuwaiti paper to be able to continue because the main problem in the country is the absence of understanding with the armed group and the lack of solidarity to work for the country. The alternative option is division.” He criticized the draft budget, saying that it is “devoid of any incentives to revive the economic cycle.” Regarding the electricity file, he said: “The sector will not improve until the border demarcation is completed.”

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