Bahaa Hariri: It must be emphasized that neither our religion, nor our morals, nor our upbringing, we, the sons of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, allow us to abandon our responsibility to put all our capabilities for the sake of Lebanon’s renaissance. Lebanon is the message, Lebanon is the symbol, Lebanon is the homeland. The small family of the martyr Rafik Hariri, as well as his large family, has not, nor will, and will not disintegrate, with partnership and solidarity. He added :I will continue the path of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and any misinformation or intimidation in a vacuum at the level of any component of Lebanese society serves only the enemies of the country.

By sarah

Sarah Othman, biochemistry student, holds a master's degree 1 from the Lebanese University. Seeking to obtain a second degree in the field of informatics. She works in the media field at Rahal Global News. Interested in cultural, artistic and news matters. A teacher in a school, and a private teacher . Holding laboratory experience in a government hospital and in private laboratories.