Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s position on the election is still the subject of questions and speculation, especially after his late return to Beirut to resolve this matter. A parliamentary source in the Future Bloc told Al-Diyar yesterday, “It was expected that Sheikh Saad would return to Lebanon in the early days of the new year, but he preferred to delay his return for some time, and we are waiting for him to resolve the issue of the elections.” The source added, “The return may be next week, but this matter is not certain, and he may have postponed his return, which was expected a week ago, to conduct further consultations and evaluate the situation before deciding his position.” “We recently heard that he does not want to run personally, and this matter seems likely, but it is not certain,” the source added. What is certain is that Prime Minister Hariri, after his return, will announce his decision and its reasons in detail.” The source hinted that there is more than one reason for Prime Minister Hariri’s delay in deciding his position, noting that the option of the future participation in the electoral battle in an orderly manner is an option, but perhaps there are some details that need to be discussed, including the issue of funding to secure the natural requirements for participation in the elections. The Kuwaiti “Al-Ra’i” pointed out, “It is likely that MP Hadi Hobeish will refrain from running for office personally. The latter returned and clarified, “I was not certain that he would not run in the parliamentary elections in Beirut. Rather, I said that he most likely will not run, which is a personal opinion, nothing more, nothing less, and this is A decision is in his hand, its timing and content.”

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