Bassil: Only the President of the Republic is bound by deadlines, and all our calls for correction, cold, not hot, and through a dialogue table, have been ignored. Our political system is crippled because when I worked in Taif, its goal was to mislead Lebanon being governed from without. The simplest proof is that the time-limits for the prime minister, the ministers, the parliament, and its president were intentionally missed. ‎We are the only ones who stood against two regimes: the system from abroad with the projects of the Deal of the Century, the settlement of the displaced and refugees, ISIS terrorism, and against the internal system that includes warlords in the time of militias and princes of corruption in the time of peace with projects of financial robbery and projects of political robbery over our rights and our role.Bassil: The “big change” must include all aspects of our national life, in short, two basic changes: the political system and the financial and economic system. Gibran Bassil: I think that it will go first to the families of the victims of the port who were cut off from life because of an unjust crime, and secondly to the families of the unjustly detained who were deprived of them on holidays because of the unjust judiciary.

Bassil: The false wing of the revolution was covered with the slogan “everyone means all” to target us and “alone”, while the real slogan should have been “all but us” Bassil: Some have turned consociationalism into a veto or veto right for each of the sects, using it to paralyze the Council of Ministers, or prevent voting even by issuing ordinary decisions if it is not approved by them. The system has become a veto system, allowing each component or team to block any decision they don’t like. He adds : “We believed in consensual democracy, and we considered the agreement on it in the Memorandum of Understanding with Hezbollah as an important national achievement, given that it is a partnership between Muslims and Christians and that it is not the number that governs, but the principle of equal partnership between them.”

Bassil : We explained that with the smart meter, electricity is used like cellular, everyone pays, and whoever does not pay, his electricity is cut off from afar; They hire the daily-workers, pay the electricity company for months, and delay the electricity plan for years. Hey, what’s his name?

Bassil: Decentralization has become a formality, limited to administrative transactions without entering into its financial and developmental core. They prevent the adoption of its law in the House of Representatives, and when they mention the Taif reforms, they name the Senate and the abolition of political sectarianism and deliberately drop the mention of decentralization Bassil: The constitution is allowed to be disrupted, but it is forbidden to modify, not develop. We were satisfied with our constitution, and we did not want to upgrade it, but rather develop it. And its development, in accordance with the National Accord Document and in accordance with the Constitution. 31 years have passed and development is prohibited Bassil: If there is a law, then voting is according to the taste of the president of the council, because it is an obstacle to electronic voting. Like the last time the wheel of criminal scrutiny was voted on, the world raised its hands in support – he said, ‘Down, let the scrutiny fly!’ No one opened Tammah! For the government to be prevented from meeting for a matter that is not within its power nor is it strategic, but rather it is related to a maximum extent, neglecting my job, as this is outside any logic or charter.

Bassil : I do not understand the disruption of the parliament, the law will follow what it wants, and the rest is up to the socks. Are they talking about dragging gas from Egypt? The gas line law that feeds all the electricity plants in the council’s drawer for ten years. And they have the eyes of the rude, they talk about wasting electricity?! Bassil: We, for example, stood with the Shiite community for two years on the street because of the government’s lack of covenant when all Shiite ministers resigned from it on an existential issue that was threatening them, and we stood with the Sunni community on an existential issue by threatening it, such as the assassination or kidnapping of its leader.

Basil: The central ruler who is politically protected from the political system is the head of the financial system, and as a commanding officer of the battle, he made the largest organized robbery of people’s money. He is attached to 7 European countries and is accused of some of them, but in Lebanon, prosecution is prohibited! The judge who pursues him is dismissed and other judges are barred from prosecuting him* Bassil: What are you asking, Lebanese, why are we the only group in the country that dares to speak out and demand the dismissal of the ruler? Simply because, we want to reform the financial system, and we don’t have any personal benefit or hold anyone back.

Bassil: Attempts to isolate the party have not stopped, and their last waves were on October 17, with the aim of weakening us to remove the Christian cover from the party, according to what Halshe Feltman expressed in his testimony in the American Congress. Bassil: When they failed to finish us on October 17, the Americans would ask us about the issue of sanctions if we break the understanding. Bassil: Our priority is the state and its reform. Their priority is the resistance and its defense. We said that we preserve the two, and it is not wrong, but the resistance remains under the state and not above it. We cannot lose the state as the sands of resistance, but we can win both

Bassil: We have made an understanding with Hezbollah, not with the Amal movement – when we discover that the other party that decided against us with understanding is the Amal movement, it becomes our right to reconsider Basil: People are no longer distinguished, for her in a Shiite duo – there is no difference between the two – but rather solidarity, solidarity and the distribution of roles. People do not accept to see a principled disagreement about the concept of the state, and they encounter attempts to change the scales, balances, equations, laws, constitutions and judiciary by force!

‎ Bassil: Frankly, behaving like this in the government, the judiciary, Tayouneh, the Constitutional Council, and the spread does not work! The news of the barter, the play of the failure of the solution, and the last rejected show that came to me at the last minute, don’t pass up! The process of undermining the charter powers of the President of the Republic during the era of Michel Aoun will not go unnoticed.

Bassil: We have made our estimates, and we will not win additional electoral votes in this circumstance if we break the understanding; On the contrary, we can lose credibility, but the issue for people has become beyond understanding – it has become the issue of their existence and their livelihood.

By sarah

Sarah Othman, biochemistry student, holds a master's degree 1 from the Lebanese University. Seeking to obtain a second degree in the field of informatics. She works in the media field at Rahal Global News. Interested in cultural, artistic and news matters. A teacher in a school, and a private teacher . Holding laboratory experience in a government hospital and in private laboratories.