Dubai Police said on Thursday that it had thwarted the smuggling of more than one million Captagon tablets, worth $15.8 million, in a shipment of lemons, and arrested four people of Arab nationality.

The drug Captagon is manufactured, especially in Lebanon, and perhaps also in Syria and Iraq, according to the French Observatory for Drugs and Addiction.

The authorities said in a statement carried by the official Emirates News Agency (WAM), “The Dubai Police General Command, represented by the General Department for Drug Control, has foiled a preemptive operation to smuggle 1,160,500 Captagon tablets with a market value of 58 million and 25 thousand dirhams.”

She added that she had “arrested the four suspects residing in the country, all of whom are of the same Arab nationality”, which she did not mention. Dubai Police published a video showing bags containing drugs hidden in plastic lemons “mixed with real lemon fruit.”

The statement added that the shipment “comes from one of the Arab countries”, which it did not name, but AFP reported that the published photos of the operation showed the words “Made in Lebanon” on the seized boxes.

Lebanon is constantly under criticism from the Gulf countries for what it considers a lack of cooperation in combating drug smuggling, especially Captagon, which is directed mainly towards Saudi Arabia.

In April, Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of imports of fruits and vegetables from Lebanon after confiscating more than five million Captagon pills hidden in a shipment of pomegranate, and accused Beirut of inaction.

Then, in June, the Kingdom confiscated, in coordination with the Lebanese authorities, 14.4 million amphetamine tablets sourced from Lebanon.

In turn, the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry criticized in October the Lebanese government for “not taking… the necessary measures to deter the continuous and increasing smuggling of the drug scourge.”

Source : alhorra

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