A circular is being circulated regarding the salaries of all military personnel, for the month of January 2022. Here is the text of the circular: “You are requested to circulate to all military personnel, (officers, sergeants, individuals), that they can withdraw their salary. Monthly for the month of January 2022, from within the bank and not through the automated teller card (ATM), at the rate of US dollar exchange platform (FRESH DOLLAR), before 12/31/2021, provided that the amount is disbursed on The exchange rate in the parallel market in Lebanese pounds. Example: a soldier’s monthly salary is 1,500,000 LBP. It is withdrawn from inside the bank at the exchange rate, for example (22000) for one dollar, equal to 68 dollars, then it is exchanged outside the bank at the parallel market exchange rate, for example (27000) Lebanese pounds, equal to 1,840,000 Lebanese pounds, and that has benefited an amount of 340,000 A Lebanese pound is an increase in his monthly salary. The circular indicated, “Note: Not to use the ATM card anywhere, for example (the supermarket) before withdrawing the entire salary from inside the bank so that he can benefit from the offer.” Source: Lebanon Debate

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