Tuesday, Pfizer confirmed that its anti-Covid-19 drug increases the probability of recovery by 90% and reduces death due to infection with the virus in people at risk, if this treatment is taken in the first days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, according to clinical tests. The results, which the company described as very positive, are based on tests conducted on all participants, ie 2,200 people, confirming the preliminary results announced by Pfizer in early November.

The company indicated that its treatment, which will be marketed under the name “Paxlovid”, is also supposed to be effective against the mutated Omicron strain of corona. “This confirms the potential of this drug to save the lives of patients around the world,” Pfizer General Manager Albert Borla said in a statement. “Worrying mutants such as Omicron have increased the need for options available to those who contract the virus,” he added. Pfizer’s pills use a class of antivirals called “protease inhibitors” that block an enzyme essential for viral replication. In contrast, a pill or tablet can be quickly prescribed to a patient who will take it easily at home. The treatments of Pfizer and Merck Group – which also developed a pill to treat “Covid-19” infection that causes few side effects – require taking 10 doses over 5 days.

Source : Al Jazeera

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