That’s why the Omicron strain is on the nerves of health officials around the world. It was confirmed that the diagnosis of two people who are spending sanitary isolation in a hotel designated for isolation in Hong Kong, although surveillance cameras showed that they did not leave their rooms at all, and had no contact with others. This immediately raised the possibility of an outbreak of Omicron in the open air, and the possibility of its infiltration from the doors of two hotel rooms, which were opened for the purpose of taking food, which is usually placed in front of the room. This is what was included in a research paper published by Hong Kong University scientists yesterday in the journal “Emergency Infectious Diseases”. The emergence of Omicron, which carries 32 genetic mutations in the fat that covers its surface, prompted more than 450 scientists from around the world to try to know the secrets of its mutations, especially the extent of its ability to spread, and the ability of vaccines to confront it. And the two scientists, Hugao Gu and Liu Bon, wrote in the research paper referred to, that the discovery of an outbreak of Omicron infection between two people who are fully immunized with vaccines, through their view of the corridor of the quarantine hotel, is a real concern. And this discovery in Hong Kong brings the world back to the old question box: Does the new Corona virus spread through swimming in the open air? And this question had received a lot of attention during the first months that followed the outbreak of the Corona virus in 2020. At first, a number of scientists were jeered. But studies have proven that the virus can spread through the air, from which it is transmitted to indoor spaces. Studies in the United States and Britain have confirmed that it can also spread through ventilation systems in large buildings. There were conflicting advice at the time between scientists calling for closing windows to ensure protection from infection, and others who believe that opening them is necessary to allow the air current to take viral droplets away from covered rooms and halls.

Source : alhadeel

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