In a joint statement regarding the Lebanese issue, the French and Saudi sides stressed the “necessity for the Lebanese government to carry out comprehensive reforms, especially adherence to the Taif Agreement that entrusted national unity and civil peace in Lebanon, and that reforms include the sectors of finance, energy, combating corruption and border control.” They agreed to “work with Lebanon to ensure the implementation of these measures.”

The two sides stressed, “the necessity of limiting arms to legitimate state institutions, and that Lebanon not be a launching pad for any terrorist acts that destabilize the security and stability of the region, and a source of drug trafficking. And the importance of strengthening the role of the Lebanese army in maintaining Lebanon’s security and stability.” They agreed to “continue consultations between the two countries on all these issues.” They also agreed to “establish a Saudi-French humanitarian aid mechanism within a framework that ensures complete transparency,” and their determination “to find appropriate mechanisms in cooperation with friendly and allied countries to alleviate the suffering of the Lebanese people.” They stressed “the importance of maintaining Lebanon’s stability and respect for its sovereignty and unity, in accordance with Security Council resolutions (1559), (1701) and (1680) and the relevant international resolutions.

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