The Head of the Beirut Execution Department, Judge Mariana Annan, issued a unique decision, which considered that the check is no longer a means of payment, and stated “the necessity of returning the deposit to its owners in a way that achieves actual payment for them and does not cause them any harm or lead to depriving them of actually obtaining or using their money.” And invest it productively and in the usual form in such cases.

The decision also stated that it is not possible in any case to “reliance on perpetuating the legal violations committed by banks that refrain from making transfers abroad in the absence of an explicit fundamental legislation to date that allows them to do so or takes care of this issue.”

The judge’s decision also stated that banks are obligated to carry out bank transfers abroad even if it is mentioned in the check that it is paid in Lebanon “with the Lebanese banks finally entering an explicit statement on the check that it can only be paid in Lebanon, except to confirm the aforementioned principle and acknowledge the acceptability of checks. Free of this phrase for circulation outside Lebanon, regardless of the legality of this phrase.” This decision comes in response to the objection submitted by the Bank of Beirut to “the precautionary seizure decision issued No. 27/2021, in the face of the custodian Hassan Ali Makki, who had received the value of his deposit under checks that he could not collect abroad as an alternative to the transfer process, and whose value cannot be received. The entirety of Lebanon for its history.”

Source : نداء الوطن

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