Yesterday’s episode witnessed the murder of Shaheen. The audience of the series “Al-Hiba 5” directed by Samer Al-Barqawi and produced by “Sabah Brothers” interacted with the 29th episode that was shown yesterday on the “Shahid” application and witnessed the killing of Shaheen (Abdo Shaheen). Shaheen turned into “Trend” on the social media pages, and the audience began to mourn him in his own way. Fans of this spontaneous character published an obituary paper for Shaheen, after his death, in defense of the family of Sheikh al-Jabal. A state of sadness dominated the comments that focused on the convincing performance of the actor, after he filmed his last scene in which he threw his body at the ISIS suicide bomber in an attempt to compensate for the guilt due to his inability to fully assume his responsibility towards prestige. After participating in the five parts of “Al-Hiba”, Shaheen bid farewell to the prestige, and commented on his page on the social media, thanking the role that accompanied him for about five years. With Shaheen’s death, it has become certain that the role will not be present in the movie “Al-Hiba”, which will be a continuation of the series, and its shooting will begin in the coming months and will be shown in cinemas. On the same bank, “Al-Hiba 5” will conclude tonight with a battle that will take place between Jabal (Tim Hassan) and Wadih (Abdel-Moneim Amayri), and this meeting is expected to be interesting, so that the followers of “Al-Hiba” await the end of the series that talked about the arms trade and the mafia, and later turned into Confrontations with ISIS.

Source : الأخبار

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