The British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, is expected to revolutionize the treatment of kidney disease, which would spare thousands of dialysis and organ transplants.
The newspaper pointed out that NHS officials in Britain granted the right to take the drug to about 91,000 patients in the country, where this approval came after a study that found that taking a daily dose of the drug “dapagliflozin” reduced the risk of needing dialysis or transplantation and even death by 39 %
The newspaper pointed out that this drug represents the first major development in the treatment of kidney disease in nearly 20 years.
“This drug represents a new and exciting opportunity for patients,” said Graham Lipkin, the British doctor and general secretary of the Society for Care of Kidney Patients in Britain.
He added that the new drug can slow the progression of the disease, expecting that it will reduce the number of patients who need dialysis or transplantation.

source: daily mail

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