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Anemia is an insufficiency of red blood cells in the body.There are many different causes of anemia, depending on the main cause of the disease.

In fact, there is no single food that cures anemia, so an anemia treatment plan often includes changes in diet; It includes foods rich in iron and essential vitamins for the production of red blood cells, and hemoglobin , as well as foods that help absorb iron better in the body. The body may not produce enough red blood cells; As a result of a deficiency in some nutrients. It is worth noting that the human body cannot manufacture iron , while it can store it, so food is the only source for the body to obtain iron, and there are two types of iron in food; One of them comes from animal sources and is called heme iron, and the other is from vegetable sources and is called non-heme iron.

Anemia foods

A-Iron deficiency anemia occurs when the number of healthy red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the various tissues of the body, is low.

1.Green leafy vegetables are among the most rich sources of iron, the most important are: spinach, Cabbage, green dandelion; It is important to know that some types of dark green leafy vegetables contain oxalates, which may hinder the absorption of iron in the body, so it is important to diversify the sources of iron.

2. Meat and poultry : All meat and poultry contain heme iron, which is animal iron. The body absorbs this type of iron better than vegetable iron.

3. Nuts and seeds :A list of foods for anemia may, of course, include plant sources for vegetarians, and the most important of these foods are nuts and seeds.

4. Fish and seafood : Fish is one of the famous sources of iron, among which we mention the following: Shrimp, Sardines,Tuna, salmon.

5. Beetroot is one of the most important foods that treat anemia, as beetroot helps to increase the proportion of blood in the body, and cleanse the body of toxins accumulated in it, and helps to increase the proportion of oxygen.

B – Vitamin Deficiency Anemia

Sometimes a deficiency of certain types of vitamins can cause anemia, the most important of which are vitamin C, vitamin B12, in addition to vitamin B9 or what is known as folic acid. it is important to focus on foods rich in these vitamins in order to help treat anemia caused by low levels, as follows:

1. Foods rich in vitamin C: Better absorption of dietary iron by the body can be enhanced by eating other foods rich in vitamin C such as: oranges, Tomato, bell pepper, kiwi,…

2. Foods Rich in Vitamin B include: different fish, Red meat, poultry.

3. Foods rich in vitamin B9 such as Green leafy vegetables, legumes, pistachio, sunflower seeds,…

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