The Iraqi factions loyal to Iran, which lost in the recent parliamentary elections, carried out their threat to escalate their campaign against the poll results and pushed their supporters to storm the Green Zone in Baghdad yesterday, and were confronted by riot police amid reports of deaths and injuries.

A security source told AFP that “the demonstrators tried to storm the Green Zone from a side close to the Ministry of Defense, and they threw stones, but they were deterred by the riot police,” adding that “the security forces fired in the air” to disperse the demonstrators.

Websites close to the “crowded” factions loyal to Iran reported “live bullets being fired” against the demonstrators, and while a leader in Kata’ib Hezbollah reported “the killing of demonstrators”, the Ministry of Health reported in a statement that three people had been killed and more than 125 wounded.

Yesterday evening, the Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi called on the various political parties to calm down and resort to dialogue.

In turn, Qais Khazali, the leader of the “Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq” faction, strongly condemned “the security forces’ use of live bullets in the face of peaceful demonstrators,” and called in a statement to “hold accountable the individuals who shot and killed the demonstrators and wounded them, as well as those who issued the orders, whoever they were.”

Hadi al-Amiri, head of the Al-Fateh Alliance, also condemned the “horrific state of repression with which the government authorities deal with peaceful demonstrators who object to the theft of their voices and falsification of results,” as he put it.

Source :الشرق الأوسط

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