By Sarah Osman

Lebanon, a country in Western Asia, was regarded as “The Paris of the Middle East”. From Stone Age settlements to Phoenician city-states, from Roman temples to rock-cut hermitages, from Crusader Castles to Mamluk mosques and Ottoman hammams, the country’s historical and archaeological sites are displayed all across the country reflecting ancient and modern world history. Lebanon is well known for its world-class gastronomy and a leading destination for nightlife and entertainment , catering for a variety of tastes. Cultural and Religious Heritage: Lebanon has a wide range of cultural tourism choices, including 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Hello, this time i will let pictures tell you about the beauty of Lebanon. Despite all the negativity of the political and economical situations, Lebanon remains to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Raouche rock
Ouyoun el samak
Baloue balaa
Palace of dreams
Saint Charbel
Telepherique Harissa

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By sarah

Sarah Othman, biochemistry student, holds a master's degree 1 from the Lebanese University. Seeking to obtain a second degree in the field of informatics. She works in the media field at Rahal Global News. Interested in cultural, artistic and news matters. A teacher in a school, and a private teacher . Holding laboratory experience in a government hospital and in private laboratories.