Today, Tuesday, the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on all its citizens present in Lebanon to leave immediately, given the tense situation. The ministry also confirmed, in a statement, according to what the official news agency reported, what it had previously issued in terms of never traveling to Lebanon, in order to prevent citizens from being exposed to any risks and to ensure their safety.
Withdraw the ambassador:
The ministry had announced a few days ago that it had asked the Lebanese ambassador to leave its territory within 48 hours, explaining that the decision came against the backdrop of a series of unacceptable and offensive statements and positions issued by Lebanese officials. She also stressed that the decision to request the ambassador’s departure does not affect the Lebanese residing in the country.
Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar :
Bahrain’s decision came after Saudi Arabia announced last week, and later the UAE, the withdrawal of its diplomats from Lebanon, following previously offensive statements made by Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi about Yemen. Kuwait condemned these offensive statements, announcing that it had summoned the Lebanese Chargé d’Affairs to protest Qardahi’s words. In turn, Qatar expressed, on Saturday, its “deep astonishment” and condemnation of the statements of the Lebanese Minister of Information, which provoked a crisis with the Gulf countries.
Saudi decision :
It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia announced last Friday that it had summoned the ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Lebanon for consultations, and that the Lebanese ambassador to the Kingdom had left. It also decided to stop all Lebanese imports, “because of the importance of taking all necessary measures to protect the security of the Kingdom and its people.” In addition, the Saudi government affirmed its keenness on Lebanese citizens residing in the Kingdom, noting that it “does not consider what is issued by the Lebanese authorities to express the positions of the Lebanese community residing in Saudi Arabia.”

Source : نداء الوطن

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