The relationship between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia did not waver after the words of Minister of Information George Kordahi. The relationship worsened much earlier. It worsened when Hezbollah gained control over many aspects of Lebanese politics. Five years ago today, when the party nominated its candidate for the presidency, and then seized the majority of the political decisions of the governments, in more than one of them it was said that the “Hezbollah government.” Disrupting the current government is the truest evidence.
The campaign today does not target Hezbollah, but rather Lebanon as a whole, with the exception of its expatriates in the Gulf, who were determined not to attack any of them. However, sources following this issue do not see the Saudi position as a campaign but as an opportunity. Rather, they describe it as a “last chance.”
These sources indicated that a section of the Lebanese’ rejection of Hezbollah’s control should not remain verbal, but rather take an escalatory nature, otherwise all official Lebanon will become a partner to the party or, at best, remain silent about it.
The sources pointed out that the beginning may be by regrouping the anti-party forces, or by reviving the March 14 gathering again, to show the image that a large part of the Lebanese are represented by parties and leaders, and joined by emerging change groups, who are in opposition to Hezbollah, and refuse to participate in governments He adheres to it, and opposes the decisions that serve him
The sources talked about what they call civil and political disobedience in the face of Hezbollah, by boycotting it completely, not with the aim of canceling its presence, which seems impossible now, but with the aim of abandoning its foreign and expansionist projects.
The sources added: The confrontation with Hezbollah may be long and costly, but, if we neglect it, we will actually be facing the end of Lebanon that we know, and if that happens, we will not witness after the resurrection of the country in which the vast majority of its people are looking for a job opportunity abroad, while some of its politicians are baptizing To threaten the livelihood of every expatriate in countries that possess as well as Lebanon and its people.
And she concluded: We should not consider what Saudi Arabia is doing, and other Gulf countries are sharing with it, as a restriction on Lebanon and its people, but rather as an extension of a hand to rescue. It is a last chance for those who call themselves “sovereign” to do what they have not done for years. Oh God, if we exclude the “narrative”.

source :السعوديّة تقدّم إلى لبنان “الفرصة الأخيرة” – MTV Lebanon

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