The United States announced sanctions against a Lebanese parliamentarian and businessmen on corruption charges. The US State Department revealed that the Lebanese who were punished were Jamil al-Sayed, Jihad al-Arab and Danny Khoury.
The US Treasury stated that al-Sayed was “helped by a high-ranking official in the government in transferring 120 million US dollars outside Lebanon to be invested in order for him and his partners to get rich.”
As for the Arabs, she said: “In 2016, the Arabs received $288 million in exchange for a contract with the Council for Development and Reconstruction to rehabilitate a landfill, but the waste crisis has returned since 2019 and it was found that the Arab Company added water to the waste to increase its weight with the aim of receiving additional funds.” Al-Arab was a mediator in 2014 for a number of high-ranking political figures to hold meetings that contributed to the presidential elections in exchange for receiving contracts from the two governments formed after the presidential elections with contracts worth $200 million.

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