There is a constitutional and legal solution to the crisis that was approved by the President of the Republic and Presidents Berri and Mikati, and matters should not be resolved in the street or with weapons.

NNA – The Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, confirmed after his visit to President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, this afternoon at Baabda Palace, that there is a convincing constitutional and legal solution to the current crisis. Miqati, who expressed their approval of it. Then he presented it to the President of the Republic, who in turn approved it. Patriarch Al-Rahi stressed “the necessity of implementing this solution as soon as possible, after which the government returns to the meeting,” adding that “things should not be resolved in the street, and we have seen what happens when it reaches the street.” Patriarch Al-Rahi had arrived at the presidential palace at 5:15 in the afternoon, and spoke to journalists after meeting President Aoun and said: “I am happy to visit the President of the Republic after a day in which I visited President Nabih Berri and Prime Minister Najib Mikati, and I stated in both places that there are convincing constitutional and legal solutions. And I presented the result to His Excellency the President because that is my duty, and because His Excellency is the decision-maker and who can say, “The car can walk.” Thank God, His Excellency the President is with this solution that I brought to him, and it remains for His Excellency to move forward. He added: “I told you that I am not authorized to mention the solution, but I am happy and rejoiced internally that there are solutions, and I believe that they will be implemented, and then we can gradually get out of the tragedy we are experiencing, whether it is the government’s disruption, the results of recent painful events, or other problems that people are experiencing on all sides.” social, economic, financial, educational and cultural levels. And he continued: “I want to add to and say that my visit is not a judicial visit, but rather a visit to those directly concerned with political action, to confirm that politics should precede events, not follow them. Political action is by anticipating events and finding a way to address them before they escalate. Things are not resolved in the street, And we saw what happens when she reaches the street, things are resolved politically, and then we dispense with the street and conflicts.It is not desirable to take to the street when there is any problem, then the people will face the army and the security forces, as if the army, the judiciary and the people are enemies. I say to the political officials, that things should not be left like this. Politics is the art of anticipating events and resolving them before they escalate, and I hope that politicians will work according to this perspective, because on the contrary you see what is happening in the street and the emergence of weapons, which are present, legal and illegal. We cannot continue our lives in Lebanon like this.”

A dialogue

He was asked: What was President Aoun’s position on the issue of stopping Judge Tariq Al-Bitar’s hand and summoning Dr. Samir Geagea for investigation? He replied: “I spoke to him about the solution that was agreed upon with Presidents Berri and Mikati, and I am convinced of it, based on the constitution, and President Aoun welcomed this solution as a constitutional solution. I am not now authorized to disclose it, and we have to wait for the officials to implement it. What I want to say is that I am happy to discover that there is a solution, not in the street, nor with weapons, nor by imposing force, nor by imposing opinion, nor by bullying. The solution is political and constitutional.” Question: What is the solution to disrupting cabinet sessions? He replied: “If the solution we reached is implemented, all matters will be resolved. The rest of the implementation is only, and I hope that it will be implemented as soon as possible.” Question: Will we witness its implementation soon? He replied: “This should happen as soon as possible, and I hope that it will be tomorrow, because it is a constitutional solution.” Question: Supporters of the “Lebanese Forces” have a movement tomorrow in Maarab. Is there an attempt to contain this issue? He replied: “It must happen. I have been absent from Bkerke since morning, and when I return I will make the necessary contacts.” Question: Will the government meet after implementing the solution? He replied: “Yes, it will meet in light of the implementation of the solution, and all the rest will be resolved. The three presidents agree to the solution.” Question: What about the escalation and confrontations that took place in the last session of the Council of Ministers? He replied, “It has become a thing of the past.”

Source : NNA

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