Lebanese Armed Forces Commander, General Joseph Aoun, responded to the invitation of the Chief of Staff of the French Joint Armies, General Francois Lecointre, to visit France, in order to examine the needs of the Lebanese army and discuss ways to support it, in light of the delicate economic circumstances prevailing in Lebanon.

Arriving in France, General Aoun met this morning with his French counterpart at the Official Defense College, where a reception ceremony was held in his honor, followed by a meeting with Lecointre during which they discussed the situation of the Lebanese army and the challenges it is facing.

Lecointre underlined “the necessity of supporting the army in various ways to help it continue to carry out its many tasks, and finding ways to assist the military personnel in overcoming the delicate economic situation.”

Later, General Aoun met with the Minister of Defense, Florence Parly, at her office at the Ministry of Defense, and thanked her for her country’s continuous support to the Lebanese Army. He said, “France always stands by the Lebanese army through aid, donations and joint training programs, and is considered one of the most important countries that support us.”

He added: “The Lebanese army is going through a major crisis, which is bound to increase due to the deteriorating economic and social conditions that Lebanon suffers from, which may worsen when subsidy is lifted.”

Parly, in turn, stressed “the need to support the Lebanese army, which is the cornerstone of Lebanon’s unity and stability.”

General Aoun then visited the headquarters of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff, where he listened to a briefing about the tasks carried out by the French army.