The Future Movement responded in a statement this afternoon to Free Patriotic Movement Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, saying that “Bassil has succeeded once again in obtaining a high degree of distinction in sabotaging the mandate of his uncle Michel Aoun, stripping it of the strong covenant status and decorating it with the higher citation of a worn-out nation.”

“Every time this man addresses the Lebanese, he puts a new nail in the coffin of the covenant, and provides evidence after evidence of the existence of an intractable situation in political life that bears the responsibility for disrupting the country and the work of the constitutional institutions, deriving power from the position of the presidency of the republic and local and external bodies that grant him the power to intimidate until the hour of change arrives…”

The statement emphasized that Bassil’s main goal is to maintain his position in the political equation, even if circumstances compel him to sacrifice the covenant and its head and reputation, and even to sacrifice political stability, security and livelihood, pushing the country into an abyss from which there is no return!

Addressing Bassil, the Movement’s statement said: “As for your wager on withdrawing the Prime Minister-designate from the equation of forming the government, and your saying that the matter requires the resignation of the parliament and heading towards early elections, it actually denotes the devil’s bet on entering Heaven!”

“Perhaps the shortest way to achieving that is the resignation of the president of the republic so that the constitutional rules are leveled,” the statement underlined.

The Future Movement concluded by stressing that Prime Minister-desinate Saad Hariri will be the head of the Council of Ministers with all its members and portfolios, and will never accept to be the head of half the cabinet under any circumstance.